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A group of scholars representing alternative perspectives on global concerns launched a series of dialogues and conferences on morality and terrorism. In 2006, the round table on Moral Reasoning in International Relations was held in Ottawa. It was followed by annual international conferences in Canada, Netherlands, USA, and Columbia. Speakers from the humanities and the social sciences discussed different dimensions of a global network of scholars whose concern were global issues threatening the global community. Initiated and led by Dr. Mahmoud Masaeli (currently professor of Global Ethics and International Development) from University of Ottawa the network gradually grew. Today, scholars from Canada, France, USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Turkey, Colombia, Bolivia, Nigeria, Iran, and South Africa, Uganda, Brazil, India, Zimbabwe, the UK have joined the network. 
Today, Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns (APGC) is a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization in Canada. Corporation registration number is 902630-4. 

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Alternative Perspectives & Global Concerns offers creative solutions to persistent global challenges, in service of promoting our common humanity.

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